Most probably our mentors when they read the title of this post will object, as they’re all humble enough to not consider themselves “wise”.

But we needed a cool title and they are experts in their respected fields and they do share their number 1 tip for all of you that we will be boarding CruiseInn May on Toursim & Culture (and for those of you that are still thinking about it), so there you have it.

Our pre-cruise educational bootcamp and our on-board mentoring sessions we believe is possibly CruiseInn’s most valuable aspect (maybe even after the cash and services prizes you can claim if you present to our judges the ideas with the biggest potential). On May 13th we will have invited all of the participants, plus our mentors, plus invited guests to join us at tripsta offices for a bootcamp with workshops, keynotes and presentations to help you connect with each other, discuss even more business ideas than the ones you already have, as well as start fine-tuning them.

On-board we will have 8 amazing mentors, from all aspects of the business and tech worlds to guide you through the 4 days of the hackathon. So, before you meet them in person, let’s hear something from them; what do THEY expect from cruising the Aegean Sea with you, as well as how they will be there to help you out.

CruiseInn HQ: What do you expect from CruiseInn 2016?
Pamela Caravas, Business Coach: It is not often that you see a group of passionate people with innovative ideas all gathered together on one ship! But, yes it happened last year when I had the privilege to coach them on how to make the perfect pitch.

Yannis Zaras, Big Olive: In this experience we will have the chance to go through the very early stages of a venture; from the minimum viable product and the available do-it-yourself tech options to the primary sources of financing and the first interaction with the wider travel & culture business ecosystem – in a meaningful and relaxed way.

Filippos Protogeridis, UI/UX Designer: Looking forward to seeing people striving away from the ordinary, pushing themselves to the limits to come up with the next big disruption.

Vassilis Gennaris, tripsta: I expect great people to cooperate in an optimum way and give birth to innovative applications for the tourism industry!

CruiseInn HQ: How are you going to be working with CruiseInn participants?
Vassilis Gennaris: I will do my best to help teams in achieving their target by getting advantage of the knowledge i gain from my every day tasks in my job.

Filippos Protogeridis: The best way to help someone is to listen to them, and find that one thing that will unblock their business thinking and creativity. That is more important than any tool or specific skill.

Pamela Caravas: This year, again I can’t wait to create the perfect pitches with the new teams!

CruiseInn HQ: Share your number 1 advice for all aspiring new entrepreneurs please?
Pamela Caravas: Learn to observe yourself so you can have a realistic view of how you pitch. Only then will you be tempted to change for the better.

Filippos Protogeridis: Find an actual need (don’t come up with businesses for non-existent problems). Stick to the simple, the plain, the stripped down product that solves it. Don’t overcomplicate your idea.

Vassilis Gennaris: Commit and focus on your team’s idea, cooperate with the best possible way to combine the strength of each individual and the magic will happen!

Yannis Zaras: Every self-starter faces common challenges and dilemmas, including teaming up with the right business partners or choosing the most suitable type of incorporation.

There you have it, those were some wise words from our experienced mentors weren’t they? Join us on CruiseInn May 2016 and develop your business idea on Tourism & Culture by applying here today (it’s the deadline).

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