We’re CruiseInn in 3 days, with What’s Up on board!

Exams are about to end, summer is near and with it summer holidays are coming along. Sea, sun and relaxation combined with three months without obligations, certainly form a wonderful environment for each and every one of us. But for those of you who are a little bit more active and want to do something more creative and business, this summer CruiseInn, the first startup hackathon that also combines a unique cruise on the Aegean Sea, is coming back!

Seven fascinating destinations, three thematic categories directly related to the business world and of course the guidance of mentors and judges combined with lots of prizes, definitely form the best environment to turn your idea into action.

Pack your suitcase, get your laptop and bring all your excitement on board!

But how will you develop your idea without internet?

While cruising, out in the open sea, one of the most critical challenges for our teams is the low Internet speeds. Luckily for us, What’s Up is here!

The folks over at What’s Up never hesitate to seize an opportunity to support young entrepreneurs, so this year they will be providing CruiseInn with the best Internet experience for the entire seven days of our cruise. Participants will be able to have quick access on and work on their startup ideas without having to be concerned about connection or speed.

What’s Up is always supporting students and articulates their everyday lives. What’s Up is aiming at motivating and inspiring Greek students to get active and implement their own startup ideas, as well as providing them with the tools necessary for them to be able to seize the day and live NOW. Because NOW is the chance for them to turn their ideas to reality. Not tomorrow, not sometime in the future, but NOW. With What’s Up Everything Is Now!

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