Vassilis Gennaris

JPEG image-A108DE72D375-1Vassilis Gennaris was born in Athens in 1984. He holds a bachelor’s degree at Applied Informatics and Multimedia and a master’s degree at Software Systems from the University of Peloponnese.

Being always curious about new technologies and the way they operate, he spent almost 2 years working at the laboratories of the Technological University of Brno at Czech Republic and Universite de Montreal in Canada. After that he came back to Greece and started working at travelplanet24, in 2012 as a web developer in various programming languages and products.

3 years later and upon the merge of travelplanet24 with airtickets, he accepted with great enthusiasm the position of the Scrum Master, in an effort to embrace Agility in the complex environment of travelplanet24. He believes that the constant interaction and the deep understanding of fellow developers is what suits him best in order to remove any impediment that makes them lose their focus from their daily tasks.

Vassilis is an active member of the Greek Agile Community and is always eager to offer his personal time in order to contribute to the knowledge transfer around Scrum.

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