Meet Our On-Board Mentors: Vasilis Kalidis

Vasilis Kalidis, Owner at Uberness

Vassilis Kallidis was born in 1975 in Thessaloniki. He grew up in a family that loved to eat food, a fact that made him decide he wanted to be a cook. He finally became one graduating from the State Cooking School in 1988. Afterwards, he moved in Paris and, instead of working in a kitchen, he started travelling around the world, tasting different cuisines and knowing new tastes. In 2005, he returned to Athens and founded the restaurant Aneton in Marousi. Since 2008, he has been presenting cooking programs in television and he is also the writer of a cook book and two city guides for Athens. Later on, he founded the restaurant Uberness in the Athens Grocery Market and continued travelling. He loves Asia and New York, he adores airplanes and hotels. Trips are the source of his inspiration.

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