Nikos Zachariadis

Nikos is basically a chemist. He studied chemistry, but he soon discovered that chemical compounds are less interesting than human relationships.

However, chemistry explains analytically the processes of life, so its reduction to “human compounds” leads to a wonderful way of thinking.

In his professional career so far, for about 22 years, Nikos promotes and strengthens formal sales people to people who produce profitable work, with respect and commitment to their collaborators and customers.

Nikos does not like numbers. Numbers are just a result that is easy to come, if people can overcome the concept of “opposite” and move on to the concept of “together”.

In the last 4 years he is living the dream of his life, applying his whole experience, devoting all his energy and enjoying every minute of the day at Lancom as Chief Commercial Officer.

His experience is at your disposal, along with his passion for discussions and sharing ideas.

You can find Nikos at Lancom’ s HQ or send him a mail at : [email protected]