Pandelis Krinakis

Pandelis Krinakis is a 3rd year student at the Technical University of Crete, Department of Production Engineering and Management. Although his studies are purely technical, he is also interested in Public Relations, International Relations and Maritime. In this context he participated, co-organised or represented several projects and seminars, like TEDx Technical University of Crete, B.E.S.T. (Board of European Students of Technology), MUN (Model United Nations) Athens. He enjoys cinema, theatre, skiing, playing tennis, sailing, cooking, wine-tasting and he is a keen photographer. His skills in languages extend to English, French and Italian.

Maria Vasli

Maria is a Marketing Manager at Legalpal, where she develops the marketing strategy and is in charge of the exploration and development of the legal market. Her responsibilities at Legalpal combine in the best way her Law studies and her postgraduate studies in Business Administration. She is part of the start-up ecosystem for the past 10 months and the journey couldn’t be more exciting. Thanks to the pre-incubator Ok!Thess, where she is a member through Legalpal, she gained a lot of experience and knowledge, precious for her forthcoming steps. Maria loves travelling and exploring hidden places, meeting new people and evolving her entrepreneur skills. As she is a real adventure seeker, CruiseInn is a great chance to meet her at her best.

Apostolos Leousis

Apostolos Leousis is a challenger, curious about all new ideas with an incredible passion for networking and discovering new unique individuals. With a degree in Media and Marketing from Leicester University and three Masters degrees, one in Business Administration from the University of Birmingham, the other in European and Regional Development from the University of Thessaly and the third one due to be acquired in 2018 in European Entrepreneurship from the University of Milan (under the supervision of Stanford University). He also holds one of the first certifications in entrepreneurship given in Europe from MIT and Cambridge. He has worked for major corporations such as Coca Cola and was part of one of the first entrepreneurship accelerators (Ekkinisi Lab) in Greece where he was responsible to coach various teams and a total amount of 40 startup ideas in the area of Thessaly. From 2013 until recently he has receive various awards in entrepreneurial competitions in Greece and abroad with different startup ideas (saleboxie, noodio fm, fashionboxie, evil genius etc). Apostolos is a leader of the local startup community and organizer of the first Fashion Startup Weekend Athens in April 2018 as well as Startup Weekend Volos in the last 5 years. He is also the founder of Entrepreneurship Feast Thessaly and other events in the region of Thessaly.

Stratogiannis Emmanouil

Born and raised in Athens, as a little kid, he used to spend his time with cables and electronics, exploring every piece of Technology. The last few years he started a music folk band and plays the guitar professionally, while studying in the Greek Technical University of Athens as an Electrical and Computer Engineer in the areas of mobile telecommunications and computer networks. He has traveled a lot around Europe and lived for 6 years in Munich, Germany. One of his great advantages is being well organized, which helped him a lot on dealing with problems.  As he says “I love handwork and planning new ideas, doing stuff on my own, like creating something from scratch and exploring new things. I try every day of my life to be full and special.”

Joanna Rousou

Joanna Rousou is an ambitious student and studies Business Administration at the University of Piraeus. Since the first year of her studies, Joanna has been involved in volunteering, amongst other things, she has been a member of AIESEC and she is currently the Public Relations manager of IEEE UniPi. She has taken part in several competitions, such as Simulation of Tourist Economy and Cultural Development in which she has taken the third place, as well as student organizations, entrepreneurship seminars, and diplomacy simulations. She is not afraid of failure. In fact, she thinks that it is an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success. Willing to seek out and accept challenges she is ready to kickstart a new business venture in the next few months hopefully with other CruiseInn participants.

Joseph Kesisoglou

Joseph Kesisoglou is a designer working between Athens and London. He has collaborated with numerous clients on projects ranging from communication, information, product/service, UX, visual and web design. His innate passion for technology led him to build his career around solving problems. His greatest ambition is to create frictionless experiences that satisfy both customers and businesses alike. He has received his BA in Photography and a CertHE in Communications Engineering from Coventry University and currently pursuing a MSc in Strategic Product Design from TU Delft. When not at work, Joseph likes to run a few miles and curates the Ephemera Library, a project celebrating excellent communication design cases.

Giannis Tzannetos

Giannis Tzannetos is a 22-year-old student at National Technical University of Athens, where he is studying computer engineering. He is passionate for tech-related startups and innovation. Since his first steps at University he started participating at hackathons achieving some quite good results, sometimes alone and sometimes with teams he created. Giannis’s areas of interest are IoT, algorithms, competitive programming and business and he always seeks the opportunity to improve his skills at these domains. In his free time, Giannis likes to play ping-pong, exercise, travel and search for new activities to get involved.

Souzana Theodoridou

Souzana Theodoridou is a highly passionate professional of tourism, who has graduated from AUTH with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Pedagogics and a Master’s in Philosophy. She has over 5 years of experience in the Tourism industry (Hotel Management Sales Manager, Tour Operator Assistant Director, etc.). She has won several awards at various Entrepreneurial competitions, including Get in the Ring Greece 2018. Souzana is one of the co-founders of, a travel experience platform that helps small travel experience service providers get connected with tourists of Greece by using new sales channels, marketing tools and digital technologies.

Giannis Zisis

Giannis Zisis graduated from the NTUA and the Electrical and Computer Engineering department in 2011. Giannis then moved to Bruxelles and received his PhD in Computer Science and Game Theory from the Université Libre de Bruxelles; his research regarded group formation and mechanism design in order to promote fair resource allocation in bargaining games with imbalanced power. Currently Giannis is Product Manager and Business Analyst in European Dynamics; gathering business requirements and communicating them to the development team, acting as a liaison between the clients, the Project Manager and the developers. At the same time, Giannis is launching, together with two friends and colleagues, a project to revolutionize research and academic processes.

Omiros Gkioumes

Omiros is a 23 years old International Tourism Management (and minor degree in shipping a management) graduate from Deree the American college of Greece, with a passion for sea. He has been working in Greece and abroad in UK and France in the tourism industry and more specifically in the yachting sector. He loves being around people from various countries and human interaction (communication face to face) is central to his character. He aspires to develop his own idea on the yachting industry that will ultimately help Greece to further develop the yachting tourism of the country.