Efthymios Pegkas

Efthymios Pegkas is an undergraduate student in Electrical & Computer Engineering, specializing in Software Development & Design and Business Management. He has a wide view of both the technical and financial aspect of his area. After returning from a scholarship granted to him by prof. Soundris (NTUA Microlab) in Dsseldorf, Germany he currently works on his thesis.

Working abroad, he obtained a well-rounded perspective of the European market. In 2017 he developed an Arduino based program for Object-oriented Robots Remote Control. Efthymios understands that the user’s (or client’s) needs regarding a product (or service) is the most valuable asset an enterprise (or company) is found on. Thus, he strives to address those needs and unfold new ones. When not programming, Efthymios likes to focus bettering himself, because he strongly believes that “you shall only have a strong mind, provided a strong body”, like his ancestors used to say.