Dimitris Chatzidakis

Dimitris Hatzidakis is a co-founder and CEO of Phaistos Networks, an R&D company in Greece, on a
mission to build powerful, elegant, data-driven products and services for people and businesses.
Phaistos is an established leader in advertising and e-commerce, and a provider of technology and
infrastructure to businesses in many varied markets and domains.
Dimitris heads Phaistos Networks advertising technologies and solutions division and plays a key role
in the continued development of strategic partners and customers relationships. He leads a strong
management team that is working to solidify Phaistos’s position as a leader in the industry while
identifying and executing upon growth opportunities.
He is a respected pioneer in the online advertising industry, and under his leadership and initiatives
he oversaw, Phaistos has expanded its advertising products lines exponentially.
Dimitris serves as President on the Board of the company, and also serves on the board of
STEP-C(Science and Technology Park of Crete) of FORTH(Foundation of Research and Technology