Dimitra Vlachou

Dimitra Vlachou

When you have a business idea on Tourism, you want a professional expert from the Tourism Industry to guide through developing and kick-starting it.

So, who’s better to give you constructive feedback at CruiseInn 2018’s on-board finals than Dimitra Vlachou, Marketing Manager at Celestyal Cruises?

Dimitra Vlachou has studied Μarketing Management at the American College of Greece- Deree College, her post graduate studies were in Marketing Communications from the British University of Bournemouth.

She was responsible from 1999-2006, for the development of the communication strategy of some of the biggest Greek brands like Dairies DELTA, GIOTIS, NOVA digital platform, ANEK LINES, under her capacity of Account Director at the advertising agency JWT SPOT.

Since 2006 and so far she works for the tourism industry and specifically Louis Group. As Research and Communication Manager of Celestyal Cruises was responsible for all the qualitative and quantitative research of the company, the communication strategy for the Greek and the key international markets, media planning and buying, creation of brand image, the strategic development and implementation of themed events that have a key role in the product development of  Celestyal Cruises.

Since 2015, under her role of Experiential Marketing Manager is responsible for the actual product and its development.  This includes the product segmentation, all marketing led activities on board, all materials on board that need to ensure the look and feel of the brand, all events on boards. On 2015 has wan the Gold Award at the Tourism Awards for the themed events and on 2016 the Gold Award for the Cultural Tourism for the Culture and Heritage themed Cruises.

Dimitra Vlachou is on-board. Are you ready to walk the plank with the CruiseInn judging committee? Apply today and claim 3k euros in cash prizes from Celestyal Cruises to launch your ventures.