Danae Thanou

Danae was born on 9th of April in 1993. She has studied Home Economics & Ecology in Harokopeio University. As a university student, she was very passionate and finished her studies in 3.5years. While she was studying, she was also a volunteer in a non-profit Organization, for children in emergency, named as “The child’s smile”. In addition she has worked in many establishments, in order to be financially independent. Her first full-time job was in Yoleni’s eshop in B2B sales department for two years. In July of 2017, Danae started working for Vardakis Group Companies such as Europcar, Athens Happy Train & Eparking in B2B sales department. Apart from her B2B sales duties, Danae created and managed found raising events/projects for celebrating World days. As a person, Danae is extremely sociable and gets on well with colleagues and friends. One of Danae’s remarkable qualities is that she is highly motivated and is constantly trying to further her knowledge, experiences and improve herself.