Announcement of CruiseInn’s 2017 Participants

We are happy to announce that our screening process is over! We have received more than 150 applications and after a thorough assessment we selected our next super sailors!

It was harder than you think!

We tried to bring on board people with quality and matching skills, valid startup ideas, aspiring entrepreneurs with passion and commitment to proceed with their projects after CruiseInn 2017 ends.

Some of our selection criteria were the following:

  • Strategic Thinking is an asset! We want people who exploit their mental abilities through complex thinking processes. Through our hackathon there are many challenges and believing that you can achieve success is definitely a must.
  • We need business oriented people who think about how to find solutions in a real market. Participants who feel like business acumen.
  • We love tech geeks, who will shape their idea with their technical skills!
  • We love passionate and creative people, who have no limits, and they think Out of the Box.
  • Last but not least, team working is a necessary skill. We need a variety of students and experienced young professionals that will combine experience, skills, passion to make ideas happen and continue their project after CruiseInn 2017 ends.

Check your inbox! We have sent our messages to all applicants.

If you aren’t invited to join us on-board, it doesn’t mean you don’t fit in the description above, it actually means that we need one more cruise next year.

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