4 creative things to do in your summer vacation

Originally appeared on Fortune Greece

Summer has always been considered as a period of rest, in which we should all recharge our batteries and enjoy sea, friends and sun. Ok I get it, everyone wants to party and sunbathing but be carefull! You have three free months! Three months without classes or responsibilities and you have to make those months count. We, as students, should always look for potentials, even in our breaks, so here are a couple of things you can do, in order not to spend you whole summer in the sunbed.

1. Read books

I know that this might seems a little typical and boring but it’s true. If you want to succeed and make things on your own despite the experiential knowledge, which I know how important it is, you should also have theoretical knowledge. Where can you find that? In books of course! Read about beginnings and success stories but most of all about failures and see what you like or don’t like. After every book you are not going to be the same person, trust me!

2. Attend entrepreneurship events

It is true that everything stops in the summer, as everyone wants to go on vacation. But don’t be deceived! There are always great events going on around our country. Try to find start-up competitions, lectures from people in the field and gain experiences. Take some time off the parties and do your research. Furthermore, you may enjoy it more, as you will not have anything to concern about.

3. Make a plan

As simple as that sounds, a plan always helps you to organize your next steps. Relax, clear your mind, take a cup of coffee and sit down. Search about the upcoming events and competitions and decide what you want to do. Which are your goals? What is it that you haven’t done? What do you want to achieve? If you have all those things written, they will be easier to be done.

4. Be a guest traveler at CruiseInn!

Last but not least! CruiseInn, the first 7-day hackathon that takes place in an actual cruise ship sailing around the Aegean Sea, finally opens its doors to all of you who want to live the whole ‘’CruiseInn Experience’’ without having to compete. Do you want to get connected with the local ecosystems and have the opportunity to talk with the awesome mentors and judges? Then I think that this will be the best journey for you.

So, this summer get out of your comfort zone! Make your application, prepare your suitcase and bring your entrepreneurial mind and your enthusiasm on board. Spend 7 days cruising the Aegean Sea and see from the inside everything that happens in this extremely different hackathon. Let’s Get CruiseInn!

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