5 Things to Be Careful of When Coding Under the Sun

Originally appeared on HuffPost Greece

Summer is near and we should all start planning our vacation. So developers attention! Get out of your geek ‘’caves’’, get your laptop with you and get ready to have the time of your lives.

Whether you decide to go to a crowded island full of beach bars and parties or an alternative one with the best spots for camping, there are always some things you should be careful of when coding under the sun, because we are sure that you are not gonna stop even on your vacation.

1. Wear a hat
How many times has your mum reminded you to take your hat with you before going on vacation?  Come on…admit it! You didn’t even listen to her once or if you did and you actually took that hat with you, it has been left in your suitcase. Typical student! Hats not only protect us from being burned but also from being sunstroke. Despite all these, a hat adds style whether you are a boy or a girl, so put a hat on and enjoy the sea.

2. Put some sunscreen on
So. first step is the hat. Second step is the sunscreen. Don’t be afraid of having white splashes on your body and have your own sunscreen everywhere you go. Not only it protects you from the sun but also helps your skin to stay young. Choose the one best for you and get ready for amazing dives!

3. Don’t too much sunbathe
Ok we get it! You want to be tanned in the summer. But don’t overdo it. First of all tanning isn’t for everyone and second of all too much of it is never good. Take some time off, get under your umbrella, and continue coding 100% protected from the sun.

4. Drink lots of liquids
Whether this will be water, juice, ice tea or something else, liquids always help with the heat and hydrate your whole body. The best tip is to always have with you a bottle of water which i am sure that you are gonna need. A small note: Mojito, Martini and other cocktails are considered as liquids only after the sunset, and if you’re planning on putting them in your daily vacation plan, do so responsibly and in moderation.

5. Don’t stay ashore
Imagine being able to combine your vacation with a 7-day hackathon. To have fun and also be creative. Yes, this is an actual thing and it’s called CruiseInn. A 7-day startup creation competition that takes place in a cruise ship, which sails to 7 different locations in the Aegean Sea. Want to be creative and live the best experience in your life? Get CruiseInn!

Summer may all be about having fun and enjoying ourselves but it is also a free time where we can do things in order to be creative and to expand our ideas. Don’t let two months pass in the sunbed. Take any chance that you can find and try your best to evolve yourself with everyone and everywhere. Sea you?

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