Introducing CruiseInn Challenges.

CruiseInn opens its doors to all the innovators and gives them the opportunity to change the way Tourism, Food and Maritime sectors work. A series of workshops by experienced professionals will help teams understand the biggest challenges the industry is facing. Your biggest challenge is to come up with robust and scalable solutions to those challenges.

Six unique areas to work on, and guide participants to find out more innovative solutions on our pillars.

More challenges will be announced soon!

Hospitality Experiences

Utilize  technology  to  improve  restaurant  services,  creating  unique  customer
experiences.  This  could  refer  either  to  the  services  directly  offered  to  the  restaurant customers  or  to  the  backend  processes  that  contribute  to  a  better  customer  experience.  (  e.g.  innovative  supply  chain  services,  Internet  of  Things  solutions  for  a  seamless  customer  experience).

Innovate with Tradition

Introduce alternatve ways of using and selling traditional gastronomic products and create new experiences. Think of what Yoleni’s or oliveshop’s services did.

Disruptive Business

Come up with innovative business models in food services. (subscription services, mobile apps, smart ordering). Think of, forky and monthly flavors.

Gastronomic Trails

Awaken customer senses and help them explore the richness of wine and gastronomic trails, using and getting benefit from new technologies. Get inspired by Taste Lemnos.

Smart Eating

Enable  customers  to  embrace  be@er  eating  and  living  habits,  utilizing technologies  like  augmented  reality,  smart  sensors,  etc..
Get  inspired  by fitbit,  nike+, redlaser or Amazon  Dash  and  go  a  step.

Innovate in Maritime

Develop analysis tools to ensure reliability and optimal performance of assets, and the safety of workers and communities alike. Develop digital solutions that help to de-risk decisions, bring practical, actionable insights into vessel and fleet performance and provide proven opportunities to optimize operations in a sustainable way. Take advantage of sensor data in multiple ways.

Outside the Box

Participants  are  free  to  think  and  propose  any  idea  in  the  Maritime, Tourism  & Gastronomy  sectors  that  they  feel  could  have  a  major  impact  and  eventually revolutionize  the  way  we  think  of  these  sectors.

Shipping and open markets

The shipping business as the backbone of world trade is driven by the power of market. The recently elected US President Mr. Donald Trump, promised to close the US market and withdraw from free trade agreements. What does this mean for the world shipping and trade?

Overregulation in the shipping industry

Even though the shipping industry is expected to grow in short terms, many shipping professionals are worrying about the future business which faces dire challenges, such as political uncertainties and the demand for reducing emissions. There appears to be a gap between regulators and shipping Industry. What are the effects on shipping and how can we improve this?

Heightened maritime safety concerns

The challenge is to enhance technical, operational and safety management standards. A further challenge is to identify and evaluate factors influencing a safety culture and to turn them into practical and effective mechanisms for further developing a quality and safety culture throughout the maritime community. What are the most effective ways of dealing with these challenges?

Shifting emphasis into people

Human performance in all sections of the maritime industry is a major cause of maritime incidents. Advances in technology affecting the human element offer new opportunities that we can harness to enhance the human element in safer shipping. How can we achieve this?

Participants will have to pitch an idea on one of the above pillars. For each pillar only one idea will be selected based on their voting. This will ensure the differentiation and range of ideas to be developed.

Can you?

Happening 23-29 June 2017

For CruiseInn 2017 we are looking for innovative and disrupting products, services and business models in the Gastronomy and Food, Tourism and Maritime Industries.

A series of workshops by experienced professionals will help teams understand the biggest challenges the industries are facing. Your biggest challenge is to come up with robust and scalable solutions to those challenges.


120€  +VAT 24%

Fee includes: Cruise fare, port taxes, cabin, on-board meals and drinks, educational bootcamp and on-board seminars.

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*You will be requested to provide the participation fee only after you have been selected to participate in CruiseInn 2016.

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