Danae Thanou

Danae was born on 9th of April in 1993. She has studied Home Economics & Ecology in Harokopeio University. As a university student, she was very passionate and finished her studies in 3.5years. While she was studying, she was also a volunteer in a non-profit Organization, for children in emergency, named as “The child’s smile”. In addition she has worked in many establishments, in order to be financially independent. Her first full-time job was in Yoleni’s eshop in B2B sales department for two years. In July of 2017, Danae started working for Vardakis Group Companies such as Europcar, Athens Happy Train & Eparking in B2B sales department. Apart from her B2B sales duties, Danae created and managed found raising events/projects for celebrating World days. As a person, Danae is extremely sociable and gets on well with colleagues and friends. One of Danae’s remarkable qualities is that she is highly motivated and is constantly trying to further her knowledge, experiences and improve herself.

Georgios Kotsyfos

Georgios Kotsyfos was born in Heraklion of Crete in 1992. He studied Mathematics at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in which he graduated with honors. He has also successfully completed his post-graduate studies in pure Mathematics. He speaks Greek (mother tongue), English, German and he is familiar with several softwares. He taught at Department of Mathematics as a Teaching Assistant and he tutored undergraduate students in several undergraduate courses. He has a well-regarded history of working in financial services industry as well as a good background in Finance. He is interested in the fields of Tourism, Maritime and Gastronomy. In his free time he likes to watch movies, reading and working out.

Orestis Geniatakis

Orestis Geniatakis was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1993. He holds Bachelor’s Degree focused in Business/Managerial Economics from Technological Educational Institute of Crete. He has a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry, in the hotel industry and as a volunteer. He is skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Budgeting, Chart Analysis, Event Planning, and Microsoft Excel. He is passionate about Entrepreneurship, new technologies (e.g. Blockchain, A.I, IoT) and Finance. In his free time he likes to exercise and playing chess.

Elena Dede

Elena Dede is the co-founder and Business Development Manager of Woof Club, a travel startup on pet-friendly tourism and hospitality. She specializes on business development and strategy, product design and destination marketing. Elena has a 3-year experience as a social entrepreneur with her project Dogs’ Voice and a 2-year experience as a start upper in Tourism sector. Through Woof Club, she disrupted the Greek hospitality market by making more than 350 pet-friendly hotels in Greece to applying Woof Club standards in pet-friendly hospitality and by transforming Greece into a European pet-friendly destination for more than 1470 international travelers that visited Greece with their pet through Woof Club affiliate network since 2017. Her vision is to empower pet owners to discover the world along with their pets and to enjoy high quality services across the globe. Woof Club has been awarded 3 innovation awards since 2017 and is launching a new full service for travelers with pets in October 2018. Elena’s passion is to create services, technology and products for travelers that their needs are underrepresented to the international travel market. She holds an LL.B from the Law School of the National University of Athens and two post-graduate degrees in Law (LL.M in Labor Law, Law School of National University of Athens, 2010 and LL.M in Banking and Finance Law, Queen Mary University of London, 2011). Before founding Dogs’ Voice and Woof Club, Elena was working at KG Law Firm as an associate lawyer in Banking and Capital Markets department.

Nikolaos Kalyvas

Undergraduate student based in Sofia Bulgaria, directly related with the hospitality, gastronomy and tourism industry, working as an associate in a Travel Company and as a manager in Greece, Cyprus, Malta territories of a hotel toiletries manufacturer. Currently founding a company in Greece in order to implement a pioneering software idea related to tourism, improve logistics and goods distribution network and develop an e-shop.

Konstantinos Staikos

Konstantinos holds a diploma from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Polytechnic school of University of Patras with an orientation on Electronics and Computers. He has worked as a lead engineer in the field of the renewable energy sources, specifically at the design and the implementation of photovoltaic plants. At that period, his main tasks included the technical design of the plants and the supervision of the crew during the installation. Apart from this, he has worked as a freelancer in web development, implementing and maintaining websites using front-end technologies and content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress. Moreover, he has successfully completed the 1st Coding Bootcamp (powered by Alliance for Digital Employability) in the specification of C#.Currently he is employed as a Software Developer on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (E.R.P.).

Efthymios Pegkas

Efthymios Pegkas is an undergraduate student in Electrical & Computer Engineering, specializing in Software Development & Design and Business Management. He has a wide view of both the technical and financial aspect of his area. After returning from a scholarship granted to him by prof. Soundris (NTUA Microlab) in Dsseldorf, Germany he currently works on his thesis.

Working abroad, he obtained a well-rounded perspective of the European market. In 2017 he developed an Arduino based program for Object-oriented Robots Remote Control. Efthymios understands that the user’s (or client’s) needs regarding a product (or service) is the most valuable asset an enterprise (or company) is found on. Thus, he strives to address those needs and unfold new ones. When not programming, Efthymios likes to focus bettering himself, because he strongly believes that “you shall only have a strong mind, provided a strong body”, like his ancestors used to say.

Nasos Koskinas

Nasos Koskinas studied in Patras at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Patras with postgraduate studies in the Physics Department. His scientific research and work as an engineer is on renewable energy systems and bioclimatic design.

Nasos is the founder of “POS4work – Point of Synergy” which introduced the coworking model in the city of Patras. Today, he is a key player at the local startup ecosystem with numerous speeches, workshops and events but also the founder of the pre-incubator “reSTART U.P”. Recently, became member of the board of IntermediaKT, a non-profit organization that promotes business, technology and entrepreneurship. He is also a volleyball athlete, member of the TEDxPatras core team and supporter of voluntary actions that promote Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Antonis Chalkiopoulos

Antonis Chalkiopoulos has obtained the Degree of Computer Science (Network and Computing Systems) from University of Piraeus (Greece) in 2008 and an MSc in Computer Science (Advanced Information Systems) from the same university in 2012. He is currently Chief Executive Officer at TOORISTAS PC, leading a multidisciplinary team of five, comprising of software engineers and a UI/UX designer. He has previously worked for 4 years as Software Developer and Systems Administrator at the Hellenic Center for Marine Research focusing mainly in oceanographic In Situ data management (distribution, visualization, standards); and 4 years as Technical and Project Manager in EU funded projects in the field of Operational Oceanography and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Ilias Alexakis

Ilias was born in Athens, Greece. He holds a BSc in Marketing and Communication and an MSc in Electronic Marketing from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He was a visiting lecturer at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, teaching electronic marketing from 2002 until 2004. In 2005, he founded Alluvion, which mainly developed an integrated solution to transfer data from one mobile phone to another. The flagship product, ALV POS, is installed in various mobile operations, one of which is the OTE Group in Greece. In 2016, after selling his shares of Alluvion S.A., Ilias founded smart AIR deals, which is a meta-meta air tickets aggregator identifying the guaranteed cheapest air fares, providing value added services to news portals and hotel booking engines.