Alexandra and Christina Karageorgiou

Alexandra and Christina Karageorgiou are twin sisters and managers at their mother’s holiday rental business, “Nicoletta – Your island home”. They manage properties in Santorini, Patmos and Athens, but are based in Santorini, which they also consider their true home, despite being brought up in Athens. They both studied Business Administration in Hospitality Management at the Hotelschool The Hague and then went on to work abroad taking on a variety of positions in a number of hotels. This greatly broadened their international hospitality experience. They then decided to do post-graduate studies in London. Alexandra obtained an MA in Tourism, Environment and Development from Kings College London, while Christina obtained an MA in Events and Conferences Management from Westminster University. Whilst living in London, they took the initiative to add their mother’s properties to the Airbnb platform in order to boost their popularity and ensure that they are up to date with the latest ‘sharing economy trend’. They realized what great potential Airbnb gave them and how much room for growth their mother’s business had, particularly in relation to the new travel trends and the extraordinary popularity Santorini gained. Soon after they decided to move from London to Santorini.

Sotiris Papantonopoulos

Yannis Charalambakis

Yannis Charalampakis holds a Diploma in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic School of University of Patras.

Yannis is co-founder and CEO of Noveltech (member of science and technology park of Crete), focusing in mobile & web applications for the tourism sector and e-government.

He has 20 years professional experience in IT sector (product manager, mobile applications in the e-government & tourism sectors, sms services, port community systems, e-shops, e-government portals and services). He has participated in EU and national funded ICT projects.

Apollon Filippis

Apollon Filippis has graduated as Electrical Engineer at the University of Pavia, Italy, faculty of Engineering. He speaks Italian and English.

He has been Director of Industry Department at the Prefecture of Lasithi. He has also worked as Professor in Electrical Engineering Faculty at Technological Educational Institute of Crete. After verification from the Ministry of Education, his notes in courses of Electrical, Electronic Measurements and Electronics II, were taught at T.E.I. of Heraklion.

He has sensitivity and involvement in Environment, Energy and Waste Management and Spatial Planning. He has also participated in the Prefecture Environment Committee, as rapporteur for major projects, in determining landfill space committee, and Platform Environment Quality Control (KEPE).

Member of the system control board in Seed-Oil of the county and chairman of the monitoring committees in the research project for Photovoltaic and RES in Crete and the research project Energy planning Crete respectively.

He has worked in the Directorate of Industry, Energy and Natural Resources of the Region of Crete as head of the Department of Technical Application.
He made many presentations in conferences and participated in seminars dealing with environmental issues, eg legal framework of environmental studies, Waste Management, olive waste etc.

He has been a board member of D.E.Y.A. Heraklion, elected member of Prefectural Council of Crete and also elected member of Regional Council of Heraklion.

From December 2015, has assumed as President & CEO at the Port of Heraklion, with main purpose the further development of the port, especially in commercial department, cruises and services.
His vision, in cooperation with local authorities, is the Port of Heraklion to become ”focal point” in the Mediterranean Sea.


Petros Ziogas

Petros is co-founder and CTO of Syncbnb. An accomplished software and web engineer for more than a 15 years, Petros has been a co-founder of several web startups in the past as well as senior developer in some of the most successful web development companies in Greece and abroad. He recently left his position as a lead developer in bunq (online-only bank from Netherlands) to build Syncbnb.

He has worked in building a variety of projects starting from games, a poker AI, humor sites all the way to a bank. He loves technology and how people team up to achieve the impossible.

George Nolis

Founded Lancom LTD in 2009 with personal investing. Holding this key-role for the last nine years, his leadership skills propelled Lancom’s personnel performance to the maximum possible degree and managed to evolve company’s culture towards a gradual-targeted model. Being always optimistic and aggressive, pursued and established strategic partnerships with crucial players of datacenter operator’s market and soon became himself a local market stake-holder. He is the inspirer of the initial business plan, which primarily supported Virtualization and Infrastructure as a Service products, accelerating Lancom’s growth, while promoting the company as a pioneer and a leader in the local market for cloud services. His main technical interests are focused in world-leading datacenter infrastructure technologies, Software Defined Data Center, Software Defined Networking, Software Defined storage systems. He has more than 25 years of IT related business establishment and currently holds the CEO position also in Battlenet Gaming Stations, a stores chain. He has received his MSc Degree in Civil Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2004.


Nikos Zachariadis

Nikos is basically a chemist. He studied chemistry, but he soon discovered that chemical compounds are less interesting than human relationships.

However, chemistry explains analytically the processes of life, so its reduction to “human compounds” leads to a wonderful way of thinking.

In his professional career so far, for about 22 years, Nikos promotes and strengthens formal sales people to people who produce profitable work, with respect and commitment to their collaborators and customers.

Nikos does not like numbers. Numbers are just a result that is easy to come, if people can overcome the concept of “opposite” and move on to the concept of “together”.

In the last 4 years he is living the dream of his life, applying his whole experience, devoting all his energy and enjoying every minute of the day at Lancom as Chief Commercial Officer.

His experience is at your disposal, along with his passion for discussions and sharing ideas.

You can find Nikos at Lancom’ s HQ or send him a mail at : [email protected]


Dimitris Makrilakis

Dimitris Chatzidakis

Dimitris Hatzidakis is a co-founder and CEO of Phaistos Networks, an R&D company in Greece, on a
mission to build powerful, elegant, data-driven products and services for people and businesses.
Phaistos is an established leader in advertising and e-commerce, and a provider of technology and
infrastructure to businesses in many varied markets and domains.
Dimitris heads Phaistos Networks advertising technologies and solutions division and plays a key role
in the continued development of strategic partners and customers relationships. He leads a strong
management team that is working to solidify Phaistos’s position as a leader in the industry while
identifying and executing upon growth opportunities.
He is a respected pioneer in the online advertising industry, and under his leadership and initiatives
he oversaw, Phaistos has expanded its advertising products lines exponentially.
Dimitris serves as President on the Board of the company, and also serves on the board of
STEP-C(Science and Technology Park of Crete) of FORTH(Foundation of Research and Technology

Aggela Anthoulaki

Aggela is a Co-Founder at Enartia since she was 24 years old. From 2005 up until today, her
profession is to create an ideal working environment for Happy Employees. Being the
company’s HR & Culture Manager, her main goal is to provide an inspiring, motivating and
balanced work-life experience. This, among other tasks, includes recruitment, group training
and corporate events. She believes that the ground stone of building a successful company
is not only achieved by the owner but mainly, by choosing the right and talented people to be
part of the team.