Dimitra Vlachou

Dimitra Vlachou

When you have a business idea on Tourism, you want a professional expert from the Tourism Industry to guide through developing and kick-starting it.

So, who’s better to give you constructive feedback at CruiseInn 2017’s on-board finals than Dimitra Vlachou, Marketing Manager at Celestyal Cruises?

Dimitra Vlachou has studied Μarketing Management at the American College of Greece- Deree College, her post graduate studies were in Marketing Communications from the British University of Bournemouth.

She was responsible from 1999-2006, for the development of the communication strategy of some of the biggest Greek brands like Dairies DELTA, GIOTIS, NOVA digital platform, ANEK LINES, under her capacity of Account Director at the advertising agency JWT SPOT.

Since 2006 and so far she works for the tourism industry and specifically Louis Group. As Research and Communication Manager of Celestyal Cruises was responsible for all the qualitative and quantitative research of the company, the communication strategy for the Greek and the key international markets, media planning and buying, creation of brand image, the strategic development and implementation of themed events that have a key role in the product development of  Celestyal Cruises.

Since 2015, under her role of Experiential Marketing Manager is responsible for the actual product and its development.  This includes the product segmentation, all marketing led activities on board, all materials on board that need to ensure the look and feel of the brand, all events on boards. On 2015 has wan the Gold Award at the Tourism Awards for the themed events and on 2016 the Gold Award for the Cultural Tourism for the Culture and Heritage themed Cruises.

Dimitra Vlachou is on-board. Are you ready to walk the plank with the CruiseInn judging committee? Apply today and claim 3,5k euros in cash prizes from Celestyal Cruises to launch your ventures.

Pantos Papazoglou

So, we’ve introduced you so far to the guys and girls that will be helping you for 4 days while cruising around the Aegean Sea to form, shape, refine and package your idea into a sustainable business model.

Now, it’s time to get to the other side of table and meet those that you will have to convince in order to lay hands onto the valuable prizes we have confirmed (cash + business services) from Celestyal Cruises and our community partners.

Are you ready to walk the plank and with Pantos Papazoglou? Apply by May 6th here.

IMG_2453 smallPantos Papazoglou is a passionate Product Manager for Mobile Apps, focusing on conceiving and shaping mobile experiences designed in order to help travelers to live the best experience throughout their journey lifecycle.

Born in Athens, he studied BSc Computer Science & MSc Network Computing in Coventry UK. For the last 5 years he has been working for Tripsta and during the last 3 he holds the position of the Product Manager for Mobile apps.

The Tripsta mobile applications have won several awards:
Tourism Awards – Best Mobile site – 2014 (travelplanet24)
Cyta Mobile Excellence Awards – Mobile & Leisure – 2015 (airtickets)
Evolution Awards – Best Mobile App – 2015 (travelplanet24)
Evolution Awards – Best Mobile App – 2016 (airtickets)
Tourism Awards – Best Mobile App – 2016 (airtickets)

Pantos Papazoglou is on-board. Are you too? Apply today at: www.getcruiseinn.com.

Vassilis Gennaris

JPEG image-A108DE72D375-1Vassilis Gennaris was born in Athens in 1984. He holds a bachelor’s degree at Applied Informatics and Multimedia and a master’s degree at Software Systems from the University of Peloponnese.

Being always curious about new technologies and the way they operate, he spent almost 2 years working at the laboratories of the Technological University of Brno at Czech Republic and Universite de Montreal in Canada. After that he came back to Greece and started working at travelplanet24, in 2012 as a web developer in various programming languages and products.

3 years later and upon the merge of travelplanet24 with airtickets, he accepted with great enthusiasm the position of the Scrum Master, in an effort to embrace Agility in the complex environment of travelplanet24. He believes that the constant interaction and the deep understanding of fellow developers is what suits him best in order to remove any impediment that makes them lose their focus from their daily tasks.

Vassilis is an active member of the Greek Agile Community and is always eager to offer his personal time in order to contribute to the knowledge transfer around Scrum.

Vassilis Gennaris is on-board. Are you too? Apply today: www.getcruiseinn.com.

Savvas Georgiou

You should know the trick by now, every time you see a title like that, it’s time for another mentor to be announced that you will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from during CruiseInn.

So far, we have announced one Creative Director, one Innovation expert and one UI Designer. You don’t know who they are? Check them out.

a699cf5a21de41de9b9e29062c3e7a87Today it’s time to add a competent Product Manager to the mix, so we are announcing the one and only Savvas Georgiou.

Savvas received his degree in Computer Engineering from NTUA.

He has worked in startup companies since 2009 starting from the incubator of Facebook Fund in Palo Alto. He was a member of the team that contributed to the success of HealthLeap. He was the CTO of the Daily Secret team, while earlier he was Director of Technology (CTO) in Liberi Publications.

In Dopios, Savvas direct the “Welcome” product development from the role of Product Manager.

Savvas Georgiou is on-board. Are you too? Apply today: www.getcruiseinn.com.

Yannis Zaras

zarasCEO of Big Olive.

Ten years of experience in operations management and business development in the four corners of the EU (UK, Spain, Sweden & Greece).

Developed the East Mediterranean and Middle East markets for a global hotel online distributor and marketer; expanded the client base for one of the leading online media publishers in Southeast Europe; provided content and consulting to one of the fastest growing travel apps in Sweden; and launched -and currently run- a pioneer cultural activity operator in Greece.

Diligent, hardworking, yet keeping an entrepreneurial scope.

Yannis Zaras will be on-board. You too. Apply today.

Pamela Caravas

Today it’s a big day at CruiseInn HQ, Mentors Dpt. as we are announcing another expert that will be joining on this year’s cruise. But not JUST another mentor, it’s our first female mentor. And we are excited because at CruiseInn HQ we are all about empowering women and getting them involved with the tech world (if you haven’t checked yet, here you can see who our male mentors are).

Last year we had a really great mix of female developers, designers, data scientists, business professionals and marketeers joining us and we want to keep this mix for this year’s CruiseInn, if not increase it.

IMG_7659_1000So, back to our next mentor; Pamela Caravas is a brain coach that frequently coaches start-ups, executives, politicians and people from all walks of life. She loves challenging young entrepreneurs and giving them the proper nudge to go the extra mile. One of her favourites is coaching them into creating the perfect pitch.

Let’s hear it from Pamela herself:

I was born in Australia, but completed secondary school in Greece. I hold a Postgraduate Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Aston University, Birmingham.

I have lived in Australia, London, Lebanon, the Netherlands and have been also enjoying the beauties of Greek nature throughout the years.

I am a 10km runner, a table tennis finalist and a keen traveller.

For many years I delivered empowering and purposeful teaching to young children and Business English tutoring to top company executives.

I am an executive coach and coach assessor specialising in instilling awareness and inner strength to those around me who seek it. Through my “drilling” and challenging coaching I facilitate change by creating an initial profile of my clients and then by helping them tune into their needs, talents and skills. My coaching intervention challenges them to face the music, evolve in a targeted and effective manner, and develop the necessary daily thought patterns to design and implement their personal and professional decisions and turn them into successes.

My coaching assignments and contracts through my British- based company, Coaching Evolution Int’l, has added a breadth of experience to my work since I have travelled to culturally diverse sites such as Venice, Tunisia, Morocco (Casablanca), Algeria (Oran), Istanbul, and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).

My profound interest in the effectiveness of coaching has turned me into a prolific designer of coaching programmes (our diploma is conferred the EQA by the EMCC) and tailor-made coach training events, while positive outcomes during the assignments have led to the creation of the company’s highly effective coaching method: Explore, Sculpt, Paint©.

Pamela is on-board. Are you too? Apply today, here.

Filippos Protogeridis

New day, new mentor announcement from the CruiseInn HQ!

The previous days we announced the first two experts that will be sailing with us. Didn’t follow our news? Check who they are.

c105764df3554f20b860de97a8ef8482Today, we are announcing Filippos Protogeridis, the most promising UI designer this part of the Aegean.

Filippos is a user interface and interaction designer, focusing on product design in the technology industry.

Born in Athens, he studied Informatics at the Athens University of Economics and Business, while his passion for innovation and creative thinking caused him to specialize on digital product design, focusing on creating functional and engaging user experiences.

He is the Head of Design at Yatzer, while also working with several companies as a product designer, namely Transifex, Welcome, Incrediblue and e-FOOD.

Filippos Protogeridis is on-board. Are you too? Apply today: www.getcruiseinn.com.

Panagiotis Chatzidakis

We believe that ‪CruiseInn‬’s value derives not only from the big prizes or the fun experience but also from the people involved.

So, today it’s time for you to start meeting our mentors!

hatz_pinnatta_small_blogPanagiotis Chatzidakis studied Graphic Design and works as an Art & Creative Director, specializing in web & game design, and UI-UX design on mobile apps.

He is the co-Founder of 3 companies specializing in digital communication with one of them being Pinnatta, a Greek American mobile startup. He is a mentor at ACE (Athens Center for Εntrepreneurship and Innovation).

He now works as a creative director on a mobile startup called Bubbllz. He has been awarded with the Golden Ermis & EBGE.

Panagiotis Chatzidakis is on-board. Are you too? Apply today: www.getcruiseinn.com.

Nikos Dimakis

Thomas Papaspyros