Apollon Filippis

Apollon Filippis has graduated as Electrical Engineer at the University of Pavia, Italy, faculty of Engineering. He speaks Italian and English.

He has been Director of Industry Department at the Prefecture of Lasithi. He has also worked as Professor in Electrical Engineering Faculty at Technological Educational Institute of Crete. After verification from the Ministry of Education, his notes in courses of Electrical, Electronic Measurements and Electronics II, were taught at T.E.I. of Heraklion.

He has sensitivity and involvement in Environment, Energy and Waste Management and Spatial Planning. He has also participated in the Prefecture Environment Committee, as rapporteur for major projects, in determining landfill space committee, and Platform Environment Quality Control (KEPE).

Member of the system control board in Seed-Oil of the county and chairman of the monitoring committees in the research project for Photovoltaic and RES in Crete and the research project Energy planning Crete respectively.

He has worked in the Directorate of Industry, Energy and Natural Resources of the Region of Crete as head of the Department of Technical Application.
He made many presentations in conferences and participated in seminars dealing with environmental issues, eg legal framework of environmental studies, Waste Management, olive waste etc.

He has been a board member of D.E.Y.A. Heraklion, elected member of Prefectural Council of Crete and also elected member of Regional Council of Heraklion.

From December 2015, has assumed as President & CEO at the Port of Heraklion, with main purpose the further development of the port, especially in commercial department, cruises and services.
His vision, in cooperation with local authorities, is the Port of Heraklion to become ”focal point” in the Mediterranean Sea.