alexis economou

Alexis Economou

Alexis Economou, Director Hotel Operation & Passenger Services, Celestyal Cruises

Cruise and Ferry Industry professional with extensive knowledge and world-wide travel on
the Passenger Maritime Operations.
Born and raised in Patras, Greece. Educated at the London School of Foreign Trade: Morley
Westminster College, London, England, U.K. with HND in “Commerce and Shipping”.

Celestyal Cruises (current position)
Director of Hotel Operation and Passenger Service at Celestyal Cruises with a fleet of 3 vessels presently operating in the Aegean Islands, Caribbean and Cuban markets. Celestyal Cruises offers Authentic Cruise Experience on any destination that her vessels operate in. Providing a holistic cultural immersion with 3 – 4 day cruises.

Attica Group
As Director of Quality Assurance and Passenger Services Alexis Economou was part of the
initial team for the nativity and formation of Superfast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries which
were founded by Pericles Panagopoulos and Alexander Panagopoulos and grew all over
Europe up to 26 ferries in operation. Today Superfast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries are
members of Attica Group and operate modern, fast, cruise-class car-passenger ferries
internationally and within Europe.

Royal Cruise Lines
The professional foundation of Alexis Economou comes from over 10 years work experience
with Royal Cruise Line with Operational Headquarters in Piraeus, Greece and with Sales and
Marketing in San Francisco, California. Director of Operations for three luxury vessels cruising world-wide. Overall responsibility on the vessels Hotel Operations, Shore Excursions and Air Sea Programs for tightly-controlled itineraries (normally of 12 days’ duration) concentrating on a high standard and quality and uniqueness especially for the upscale American market.

Dolphin Cruise Lines

The initial professional footsteps of Alexis Economou were with Dolphin Cruises Line based
out of Miami and London. His work with Dolphin Cruise Lines took him through many
Caribbean ports of call as the Company focused on 3 to 4 day cruises offering alternative
destinations in the Caribbean. During his 5 years presence in Miami he worked also for
Holland America Line & Premiere Cruise Line.

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