Alexandros Alexandrou

Founder, Taste Lemnos, Pezoula cafe, Writer, Taste Lemnos The Book

Alexandros was borned in 1989 in Lemnos island. He studied accounting and finance in Technological Educational Institute of Patras. During his studies he started following his passion about food and cooking, so seminars and Food events became part of his daily life.

In 2013 he decided to take over his mother’s travel agency and as he loves travelling, he added many new services. One of them is “Taste Lemnos” project, awarded from the “Launching People” competition, by Samsung Electronics Hellas. The vision of this project is to create a compete experience to every single visitor of Lemnos, while hospitality is on the center of it. In 2016, after two years of operation, Taste Lemnos can offer several gastronomic immersion experiences.

In 2015, Alexandros published a book about Lemnian gastonomy (Tatse Lemnos The book) in collaboration with chef Alexandros Papandreou. This book is the experience notebook for every visitor of Lemnos and it can motivate everyone else to visit Lemnos, for sure.

Ιn 2016, Alexandros created a new place to host visitors of Lemnos, Pezoula café. Breakfast made of local and Greek products, light meals and fresh salads are the most famous plates of it. Also, Pezoula Café is the place where wine tasting experiences and cooking sessions are taking place.

Quote: “Do what you love. Eat what you love”

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