Alexander Caravitis

Alexander Caravitis is the co-founder and CEO of Syncbnb, a product that helps vacation rental owners and managers increase their revenue and manage bookings from multiple sources. He co-founded Syncbnb with Petros Ziogas in early 2017, and they are currently putting together a world class team to build the best solution possible in one of the most rapidly growing markets globally. Prior to Syncbnb, Alex was managing partner and founding member of Viva Group for 10 years, taking on various roles and responsibilities in a team that counted 200+ people at the time he left in 2016. Before that he was in charge of the content services development group at Forthnet where he landed after Forthnet acquired Hellasnet, the premium web development agency in Greece at the time. He is married with 2 kids, and thinks that by running 3 times a week he can burn the calories he devours greedily after long creative sessions at work – someone should tell him he’s not 20 any more.