CruiseInn is a 7-day startup creation hackathon that takes place on a cruise ship during a cruise around the Aegean Sea.

For 2017, CruiseInn will take place only once; the cruise will be on June 23rd-29th with a focus on Tourism, Gastronomy and Maritime.

CruiseInn is organized by ThinkBiz, the first student entrepreneurship club in Greece, and Celestyal Cruises, Greece’s largest cruises company. CruiseInn couldn’t have happened without the support of our sponsors.

Participation fee will be used to cover port authorities taxes and you will be asked to proceed with the payment only after you have been invited to participate in CruiseInn. With the help of our sponsors we have reduced this fee to 120 euros (+VAT 24%), which also includes your cruise fare, cabin, meals and drinks during the entire cruise. Pretty sweet deal if you ask us. (:
Having financial hardship but really want to get on-board? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at ahoy@getcruiseinn.com

The cruise stops at Santorini, Izmir, Nafplion, Chania, Rhodes, Cesme, Mykonos. During all cruises we will be off-boarding the ship to either visit local innovation ecosystem stakeholders or enjoy some free time. During that time you are free to either work on your project (an idea would be to talk to local people to validate your idea) or relax under the Greek sun.

Although we would have loved to make CruiseInn as big as possible, we can only host 40 participants at each cruise. We want to have people with quality and matching skills, valid startup ideas and passion and commitment to go with their projects forward after CruiseInn 2017 ends. If you don’t get invited to join us it doesn’t mean you don’t fit in the description above, it rather means we need one more cruise next year.

On-board, standard rules and regulations coming with your cruise fare apply. Please listen carefully and follow the instructions of the ship crew. During on locations, you are kindly requested to take care of your own security. We do not cover your travel insurance. Celestial Cruises’ General Conditions of Carriage of Passengers and their Luggages are applicable. http://www.celestyalcruises.com/gr/category/terms-and-conditions-of-carriage/index.html

By applying for and participating in CruiseInn 2017 you consent that the personal data you submit to us (eg. CVs) will be used by us and our partners for recruiting and other purposes. We will not share your submitted personal data with non-partners. Please take notice that CruiseInn 2017 will be filmed for social media and after-event pictures and videos, in which you might appear.

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